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Philippe Clerc Fine Arts manages the authentication for you  of your works as well
in Lausanne and Basel than in Lugano.


If, for certain works, the hand of their author is not in doubt, the attributions can sometimes pose a problem, in particular in the event of absence of signature, even of doubtful signature. For many artists, associations, committees, foundations or institutes have emerged to control the authenticity of the works of those they represent. It is their responsibility to give advice and, often, to issue certificates which will then guarantee the status of the part. It is also these entities that are responsible for producing the catalogs raisonnés, in which it is important to include your works.

Philippe Clerc Fine Arts assists you in these steps or can carry them out for you, thanks to its extensive network of Swiss and international experts. We are also able to carry out provenance research when necessary, in order to trace the course of a work.

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