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Artiste Titulaire d'un Paintbrush

Philippe Clerc Fine Arts defends artists from French-speaking Switzerland,
from German-speaking Switzerland, Ticino or even abroad.

Artist at His Studio

Essentially dedicated to Swiss artists, the projects led by Philippe Clerc Fine Arts cover the different linguistic regions of the country.

If some artists like Ferdinand Hodler or Cuno Amiet enjoy international recognition, others do not go beyond the regional context, even though their work stands out for its quality and originality.

Some even made a career abroad, such as Rodolphe-Théophile Bosshard, Paul Hogg, Fernand Dubuis or Charles Rollier in France, Jacques Jacobi in Belgium and Raymond Buchs in Germany, often before returning to Switzerland.

The French journalist and art critic Gérald Schürr had paved the way for the rediscovery of these artists, as evidenced by his series of works entitled "Les Petits Maîtres de la peinture (1820-1920)" in which he underlines the importance of European artists who have remained outside the major commercial art circuits.

Among them are many Helvetians whose works are only now beginning to benefit from a certain recognition, as is the case with Gérard Vulliamy or Max von Moos.

Various painters whose work is unveiled by Philippe Clerc Fine Arts

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